Getting your iPhone repaired in Preston is easy with iPhone Repairs Preston

Our technicians are trusted and highly-trained in almost all repair areas. Our team are on hand to provide a tailored phone repair service that you can rely on. We only work using high-quality components, you can be confident that our services will be the best in the Preston area.

Services we provided include:

Phone Accessories

We don’t just fix phones, we also sell a whole variety of phone accessories for all different models. From robust or quirky phone cases to portable chargers and earphones, we sell it all!

Sim Cutting

Cutting sim cards down to size can be a tricky procedure and the slightest mistake can cause irreparable damage. Thanks to our experienced staff, we’ll cut your sim to size with flawless precision.

Phone Hardware

Noticed a faulty component? Whatever hardware has gone wrong, we’ll sort it out for you. If we need to replace something, we’ll only ever use factory-standard components and we’ll always ensure to get your phone back to you as soon as we can.

Phone Software Repair

If your phone has been noticeably slow or acting strange, chances are there’s a software issue at play. Since these can be difficult to identify, we’ll thoroughly troubleshoot and fix the issue and as always, if there’s no fix, there’s no fee.

Iphone Repairs

iPhones can be a fairly specialist product to fix, but thanks to our staff’s experience and knowledge, we know all the right ways to troubleshoot and fix every model of iPhone.

Phone Unlocking

Got a phone that’s locked to a certain network? iPhone Repairs Preston offers both competitive pricing and the fastest phone unlocking in Preston.

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Battery Replacement

If you’ve noticed a difference in your battery life, there could be something seriously wrong. iPhone Repairs Preston can troubleshoot, fix, replace and upgrade any battery, no matter what phone. If we do need to replace a battery, we’ll use factory components every time.

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iPad and Tablet Repairs

Our work is not just limited to phone repairs, we’ll sort any issues you’re having with your tablet, whether that’s an Apple, Samsung or another manufacturer.

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If you're looking to trade in your iPhone, you can trust us to offer a wide range of devices to upgrade to.

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Buy or Sell

Looking to sell your iPhone? If you are in need of an upgrade, we beat online prices and provide a cash offer within minutes.

We Fix a whole Variety of Issues

From malicious apps to broken batteries, we solve a whole variety of issues (both large and small) each and every day. These typically include:

Fall Damage

This can include cracks on the screen of your phone or scuffs to the outer area. We can have your phone looking as good as new!

Crashes & Freezes

If your phone is frequently crashing or freezing, there is likely to be an internal error. We can assess the situation and find a solution that works for you.

Water Damage

Water damage can ruin the display and inner workings of your phone. It is one of the most common issues we come across and is easily fixed in most cases.

Connectivity Issues

If your phone is losing its connection regularly, we can examine your device to get to the root of the problem.


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